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Back For More
from album (Out Of The Cellar) by Ratt
You turn him away, you tell him you're mine You make him believe you're but one of a kind Yo.. 
Back For More
from album (Album Unknown) by Glenn Lewis Featuring Kardinal Offishal
[Lewis] ***ual conversations to get you in the mood (Ooh hoo) Mental stimulations to make your body.. 
Back For My Life
from album (Aeronautics) by Masterplan
I'm wide awake with the sacred sun Sending echoes out to distant places I hear the watch ticki.. 
Back From Hell
from album (Back From Hell) by Run-D.M.C.
[D.M.C.] On the lower level where the devils dwell.. Comin from the one, comin back from hell {*&qu.. 

Back From Hell
from album (Nuclear Fire) by Primal Fear
Believer, Deceiver - The Question Is 'Where Is Our God'? Thunder & Lightning, I See Her.. 
Back From Mars
from album (Aquarius) by Aqua
Hey you, come with me, to a world of billionaires See me, I'm da bomb, drinking champagne do.. 
Back From Rio Interlude
from album (Back From Rio) by Roger McGuinn
Back from Rio, back from Rio, back from Rio Back from Rio, back from Rio, back from Rio Back from Ri.. 
Back From Somewhere
from album (Warehouse: Songs And Stories) by Husker Du
Now you look like you just got back from somewhere Somewhere yeah you know that it's true Togeth.. 
Back From The Days
from album (Elegies) by Machine Men
Do we ever give any thoughts for the heroes of our days Who fought for freedom and future Prayed in.. 
Back From The Dead
from album (Same As It Ever Was) by House Of Pain
Straight out the casket rising up. Open up your eyes. Can't you see me. What the *** is th.. 
Back From The Dead
from album (3 Sheets To The Wind (What's My Name)) by Kid Rock
Back from the dead second L.P. here we go Comin at ya from the R.O.M.E.O. Pistol packed with a crew.. 
Back From The Dead
from album (Babyshambles Sessions) by The Libertines
I heard it said He had come back from the dead And he was playing so fine Scooping up The soul of t.. 
Back From The Dead
from album (Down In Albion) by Babyshambles
I heard it said You had come back from the dead You were playing so fine Scooping up the soul of the.. 
Back From The Dead
from album (Detestation) by Detestation
They were gone but now they're back their greed makes up for the sincerity that they lack if Gre.. 

Back From The Dead
from album (Back From The Dead) by OG Spanish Fly
Fall, white light fell. You fear, the point death sent. Rise the dead's awake. You, you like to.. 
Back From The Edge
from album (Skunkworks) by Bruce Dickinson
A silent river flowing black strange attractions no turning back present danger I recall that pins m.. 
Back From The Grave
from album (Brought Back To Life) by Nekromantix
ashes to ashes dust to dust darkness surrounds me in his subterranean dwell evil forces caused.. 
Back From The Grave
from album (Deathrace King) by The Crown
Feel the presence of me, risen from behind death Invoked by lovers' touch, seduced temptating lu.. 
Back From The War
from album (Heavy Metal Breakdown) by Grave Digger
Bloody legs and bloody hands Bloody necks and bloody heads A smell of sulphur lays over me A smell o.. 
Back Here
from album (Back Here) by BBMak
Baby set me free From this misery I can't take it no more Since you ran away Nothing's been.. 
Back Home
from album (.44) by Eric Clapton
[Introduction, starts on top B ad E] G G G F#/D Em9 C G G I've been on the road too long Em9 C G.. 
Back Home
from album (Golden Earring) by Golden Earring
Goin' back right through the city through the country, rivers so pretty People wonder why I'.. 
Back Home
from album (A Different Kind Of Pain) by Cold
When she walks into the room They look up to see her face All the glitter falls on her And the room&.. 
Back Home
from album (Ocean Avenue) by Yellowcard
Don't know What I was looking for When I went home I found me alone And sometimes I need som.. 
Back Home
from album (In With The Old) by Pepper
Memories and old cd’s of living easy, Three o’clock bus stop; regards my elementary, I recall my s.. 
Back Home
from album (Back Home) by Yellow Card
Don't know what I was looking for when I went home, I found me alone And sometimes I need someon.. 
Back Home
from album (The Rising Tied) by Fort Minor
Back home Everybody's searching for somethin' But all they can find is a whole lot of nothin.. 
Back Home
from album (Back Home 2007) by Westlife
Another sunny day, Has come and gone away, In Paris and Rome, I want to go home, Mmmmmm Maybe surro.. 
Back Home Again
from album (Night Songs) by Cinderella
I hit the road wide open at seventeen Mama cried herself to sleep Lost a dad I'd never seen Took.. 
Back Home Again
from album (Annies Song) by John Denver
There's a storm across the valley, clouds are rollin' in the afternoon is heavy on your shou.. 
Back Home In Derry
from album (Album Unknown) by Höhner
In 1803 we sailed out to sea, out from the sweet town of Derry, For Australia bound if we didn'.. 
Back In Action
from album (...Since We Can't Have Forever) by A Step Behind
The walls inside my heart are bleeding I tell you this because I'm leaving opportunity comes at.. 
Back In Anal Territory
from album (Fertigmachen, Szeneputzen) by Excrementory Grind***ers
Who bröars brouf whuas hed Whuaka lids whoadsinitformoe uaneds anger and fear whuaem insoaid! Tri.. 
Back In Baby's Arms
from album (Album Unknown) by Patsy Cline
Written by Bob Montgomery (Released April 15, 1963) (Chorus) I'm back in baby's arms How.. 
Back In Babys Arms
from album (Album Unknown) by Patsy Cline
CHORUS I'm back in baby's arms How I missed those lovin' arms I'm back where I belon.. 
Back In Black
from album (Back In Black) by AC/DC
Back in black I hit the sack I've been too long I'm glad to be back [I bet you kno.. 
Back In Business
from album (I'm Breathless) by Madonna
I'm gonna show you that good guys don't always win I'm gonna show you the brighter side.. 
from album (BackGround) by Bassi Maestro
Sono in tuta senza scarpe, ho i piedi sopra il parquet provo a concentrarmi ma il mio flow è una.. 
Background Music To Her Awakening
from album (Album Unknown) by Jay-Z Featuring Pharrell
Then all silence is removed from the last room with the cord ripped from the phone. She stays asleep.. 
Background To History
from album (Matching Tie And Handkerchief) by Monty Python
PROF. JONES: Good evening. One of the main elements in any assessment of the medieval open-field far.. 



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