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Bach Is Dead
from album (Bach Is Dead) by Residents
Bach is dead Bach is dead Bach is dead Bach is dead Walking women want to see The Southern Cross at.. 
Bach Prelude Variations
from album (The Inner Circle Of Reality) by Time Requiem
[0:45] [J.S. Bach] [Instrumental].. 
Bachelor Of Hearts
from album (Aisha) by Aisha
Intro: He’s the bachelor of hearts Don’t even start He's got a degree in being a single man.. 
Bachelor Of Science
from album (Vertex) by Buck 65
I try to be nice and take care of my appearances Keep outta trouble and trifle interferences The bac.. 

from album (Homogenic) by Bjork
I'm a fountain of blood In the shape of a girl.. 
from album (Lulu) by Trip Shakespeare
Hey (hey-hey-hey) Up above our nation There's a field of stars And I know you want to fly th.. 
from album (The Southern Comfort) by Emil Bulls
Life is a game we should play according to the rules But where is the fun then we’re not allowed To.. 
Bachna Aye Haseeno
from album (Hum Kissi Se Kam Nahin) by Kishore Kumar
Kk: (Bachnaa Aye Haseeno Lo Main Aa***aa Hey Bachnaa Aye Haseeno Lo Main Aa***aa Husn Ka Aahsiq Hu.. 
Baci Che Si Rubano
from album (Laura Pausini) by Laura Pausini
Partiro quando dorme ancora la città Nell'aria fresca con la macchina che va Chissà se ci sar.. 
from album (Album Unknown) by Karel Kryl
Bacil 1. Jednou před lety snídal Gustav tablety, vzteklý na ptáka, k.. 
Bacila Je Sve Niz Rijeku
from album (Album Unknown) by Crvena Jabuka
Stajala je usred baste ko najljepsi cvijet Kao da je dio maste i muzike te Slusala je pjesmu moju.. 
from album (Die Erste) by Kinderzimmer Productions
Die dritte ging’ nen anderen Weg Da waren’s nur noch zwei Ich weiß ich kann nicht singen konnt’.. 
from album (Come From Heaven) by Alpha
Back Opening poem by Sylvia Plath : But toward the region where Our thick atmosphere diminishes An.. 
Back 'n Blue
from album (Busted) by Cheap Trick
Every night Caught up on the same old dream I hear your broken heart Crumbling down and haunting me.. 

Back 2 Good
from album (Yourself Or Someone Like You) by Matchbox 20
it's nothing, it's so normal you just stand there I could say so much but I don't go th.. 
Back 2 School
from album (Runnin' Off At Da Mouth) by Twista
[Tung Twista] back to school lets go back to school lets go lets go back to school to the oldschool.. 
Back 2 The Way It Was
from album (Weapons Of Mass Destruction) by Xzibit
Yeah.. yo.. c'mon Ride wit me, lemme take you somewhere [Xzibit] My father was a soldier, my mo.. 
Back Again
from album (Don't Fight The Feelin') by Rappin' 4 Tay
Get a dose of my brand new twist For your tape or compact disc I'm no man when I'm.. 
Back Again
from album (Imaginate) by Taxiride
When the work is done and the livin's easy I reside to my life so breezy Think of all the troubl.. 
Back Again
from album (Done By Mirrors) by Andi Deris
Life is what I'm bringing Pain is what I'm killing Hope is what you need to give me Dust to.. 
Back Again
from album (Back Again) by Disciple
Looking back upon my life I'm very thankful That your arm is not too short to rescue And deliv.. 
Back Against The Wall
from album (The Element Of Surprise) by E 40
[Featuring Master P] [E 40] Tryin to make it.. It's been a long road Sic Wid It Rec.. 
Back Against The Wall
from album ((The System Of) Doctor Tarr And Professor Fether) by The Alan Parson Project
[BAIRNSON] Stand up, and with your hand on the Bible Tell the truth to one and all 'Cause you k.. 
Back Against The Wall
from album (Rabbit Don't Come Easy) by Helloween
Can you see now where I stand, my friend Will you offer me your helping hand And will you cross the.. 
Back Against The Wall
from album (Group ***) by Circle Jerks
you yell out in defiance you're backed up against the wall they're up there clutching their.. 
Back Among The Living
from album (This Change Is Nice) by Sebastian Sturm
Something I tried didn't work out well Something I wanted didn't come Suddenly I stumbled an.. 
Back And Forth
from album (Age Aint Nothing But A Number) by Aaliyah
Intro: Let me see you go back (Who is the L-I-Y-A-H?) Let me see you come forth (repeat 4X) Verse 1.. 
Back And Forth
from album (Dirty ***y Knights In Paris) by Audiovent
Today I hear my anger And it's screaming at me Your words Attack my senses And make me scream L.. 
Back And Forth
from album (Emergency & I) by The Dismemberment Plan
There?s a kind of music that reminds me of you It?s all clear expensive drinks and shiny shirts And.. 
Back And Forth
from album (Baby It's You) by JoJo
Boy you can’t keep playing Back forth (back forth) No time for delaying Back forth (back forth) So.. 
Back And Forth
from album (Never Never Land) by Unkle
(i don't like to be back) You see things in life And you're bit surprise what you see Life,.. 
Back And To The Left
from album (Do You Know Who You Are?) by Texas Is The Reason
This town was built on miles of hope And I dare you to give one reason to stay And maybe I won't.. 
Back Around
from album (Puddle Dive) by Ani Difranco
my lipstick jumped ship to a styrofoam cup with the coffee gone the conversation strong all i got le.. 
Back At One
from album (Back At One) by Brian McKnight
It's undeniable That we should be together.. 
Back At One
from album (Permanently) by Mark Wills
(Brian McKnight) It's undeniable, that we should be together It's unbelievable, how I used.. 
Back At One
from album (A Lua Que Eu Te Dei) by Ivete Sangalo
Its undeniable...that we should be together... Its unbelievable how I used to say that I found in he.. 
Back At The Funny Farm
from album (Another Perfect Day) by Motörhead
Hammer pounding in my heart, I think it´s gonna burst, Spring unwinding in my head, I don´t know w.. 
Back At You
from album (Sunset Park Soundtrack) by Mobb Deep
[Havoc] Ashes to ashes dust to dust stainless steel gats never rust big till bust you co.. 
Back At Your Door
from album (It Won't Be Soon Before Long) by Maroon 5
From the moment the lights went off Everything had changed Lie awake in an empty room In my head.. 
from album (Sagovindars Boning) by Otyg
En reslig dräng av bergmansätt I toglig alvskog gingo En höglandssång hans lynne klätt Som ton.. 



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