Lyrics - B #11

Baby Likes To Rock It
from album (The Tractors) by The Tractors
You know she likes to take me dancin' on the outskirts of town Where the music's turned up a.. 
Baby Lou
from album (3 Millions De Joconde) by Serge Gainsbourg
Sur les abords du périphérique je t'ai aperçue par ma vitre on aurait dit comme le génériqu.. 
Baby Lou Tattoo
from album (Hell Yeah!) by HorrorPops
Opening the door, Misfits playing on the stereo I'm finally home A tattoo doll awaiting my call.. 
Baby Love
from album (Melodia Perfecta) by Jake El Arquitecto
Baby Love (Coro) Baby Love oh… Baby Love Nena Te quiero Baby Love oh… Baby Love.. 

from album (No Protection) by Starship
Forever, you'll be remembered as the one who played it cool Whenever they speak your name they&.. 
from album (FAster Pussycat) by Faster Pussycat
Livin in L.A. is so much fun Boy you is ugly and your girlfriend weighs a ton We were sittin in our.. 
from album (ATLiens) by Outkast
I came into this world high as a bird From second hand cocain powder i know it sounds absur.. 
from album (Transmission) by The Tea Party
Now that the thrill of the massacre is over Isn't it sweet when she sucks on your veins I've.. 
from album (White Ladder) by David Gray
Friday night I'm going nowhere All the lights are changing green to red Turning over TV stati.. 
from album (Dark Ages) by Soulfly
Lightning and thunder Fear and wonder Murder and murder Chaos, disorder Hate and pain Will rise agai.. 
from album (Dos Dedos Mis Amigos) by Pop Will Eat Itself
I got veins bulging inside of me There's no reins can stop my kickstart I got brains ticking ins.. 
from album (Episode) by Stratovarius
A new day is rising in ancient Babylon Revealing mysteries to see and the endless caravan never endi.. 
from album (Demon Box) by Motorpsycho
Your son’s wasted, mama and he don’t care if you don’t he’s hurting when he’s concious, annd fo.. 
from album (Progress) by RX Bandits
its time to listen up all good people and take a look around i know that everything is looking norma.. 

from album (The Siren Of The Woods) by Therion
Babylon your spirit can not die Paradise for sin and Lust Mothertown of demons You had to fall but.. 
from album (Nightbraker) by Riot
Unlock the gates Unlock the doors Cyrus waits outside no more Laughter rose Inside the walls In the.. 
from album (Album Unknown) by Bart Kaell
Aan de waterkant Van de rivieren van Babylon Zaten wij tesaam En we dachten aan de mooie lange nacht.. 
from album (Theater Of Salvation) by Edguy
Yeah... In a world of hate pollution we can't breathe anymore. We've to leave and this ti.. 
from album (Babylon) by Skindred
Know this ones dedicated to the police dem you know Liar Cause some of them is wicked and them good.. 
from album (I Predict) by Steve Taylor
Babylon Infidels in a broken time our fathers bled the ground chained and bound Castaway should th.. 
from album (Album Unknown) by Karel Kryl
Babylon 1. Když hrdost s prasaty se válí na kompostě, v korytě perl.. 
from album (Scars On Broadway) by Scars On Broadway
Running to Babylon Run all the way to Babylon Meet you there in Babylon Meet you there in Babylon R.. 
Babylon A.D. (So Glad For The Madness)
from album (Damnation And A Day) by Cradle Of Filth
I bled on a pivotal stretch Like a clockwork Christ Bears sore stigmata, bored And as I threw Job,.. 
Babylon Fell (Jade Serpent)
from album (Into The Pandemonium) by Celtic Frost
Lights have faded - Euphoria is dead Past and present - Exalt of the weird Chimerias petrified - Ecl.. 
Babylon Forever
from album (Party Animails) by Turbonegro
Ein, Zwei, Drei, Vier See the girl on the corner Waiting for her fate See the slow boy waiting for.. 
Babylon Homework
from album (Royal Son Of Ethiopia) by Sizzla
Intro: Me just wanna say hail to Haile Selassie His own devine majesty Emperor Haile Selassie I t.. 
Babylon Rule Dem
from album (Album Unknown) by Carlos Santana Featuring Chad Kroger
Standing so I can see them beneath the morning sky All those who seek to climb so high To insure the.. 
from album (Gaucho) by Steely Dan
Drive west on Sunset To the sea Turn that jungle music down Just until we're out of town This i.. 
Babylon System
from album (Survival) by Bob Marley
We refuse to be What you wanted us to be; We are what we are: That's the way (way) it's goin.. 
Babylon System
from album (Noiz) by Söhne Mannheims
Yes man Söhne Mannheims for live fa real outa blessis love Ich bin sicher wir werden sehen, wie sic.. 
Babylon Wall
from album (Album Unknown) by Abdel Wright
Have you ever wondered why you really paying tax Vague use of the money now it's no surprise att.. 
Babylon Was Built On Fire/Starsnostars
from album (American Motor Over Smoldered Field) by A Silver Mt. Zion
Babylon was built on fire And the bones of useless machines It hurts to breath You fell away from me.. 
Babylon's Burning
from album (Warum Werde Ich Nicht Satt? (Single)) by Die Toten Hosen
Babylon's burning You're burning the street You're burning your houses With anxiety.. 
Babylon's Burning
from album (Reich Und ***y - Disc 2) by Toten Hosen
Babylon's burning You're burning the street You're burning your houses With anxiety.. 
Babylon's Burning
from album (Babylon's Burning) by The Ruts
Babylon's burning You're burning the street You're burning your houses With anxiety Wit.. 
Babylon's Pride
from album (Nihility) by Decapitated
Senses, flower of existence- bow to Babylon Pain, father of creation- bow to Babylon Look- you'r.. 
Babylon's Whores
from album (Rise To Ruin) by Gorefest
With overwhelming power and overwhelming lies, We've seen so many times before. The final moral.. 
from album (Mamagubida) by Tryo
Ouh la-la-la-la-la-la-laaa Ouh la-la-la-la-la-la-laaa, la-la-la-la-laaa Ouh la-la-la-la-la-la-la-l.. 
from album (Album Unknown) by Helt Off
Mitt huvud é fullt av bilder o kvinnor O bilar o pengar, reklamen dom sänder Dom fina sakerna i li.. 



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