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Steps (5 Albums - 29 Songs)
Steps were a British pop group Musical ensemble that achieved a series of charted singles between 1.. 
Sunk Loto (5 Albums - 29 Songs)
Sunk Loto was an alternative metal band from Queensland, Australia. The band's members were vocalist.. 
Sirenia (4 Albums - 29 Songs)
Sirenia is a gothic metal band from Stavanger, Norway which incorporates a mixture of gothic metal a.. 

Sisters Of Mercy (8 Albums - 28 Songs)
Religious Order of the Sisters of Mercy (RSM) is an order of Catholic Roman Catholic Church women f.. 
Saint Vitus (5 Albums - 28 Songs)
Saint Vitus are a highly influential American United States doom metal band from Los Angeles Los An.. 
Seabound (2 Albums - 28 Songs)
Seabound is a synthpop/futurepop duo from Germany. Their lyrics are in English English language and.. 
Silbermond (3 Albums - 28 Songs)
Silbermond (German German language for "Silver Moon") is a German Germany rock rock music band fr.. 
Superbus (3 Albums - 28 Songs)
Superbus is a five-piece French France power pop band formed in 1999... 
Samson (4 Albums - 28 Songs)
Samson was a British hard rock band formed in 1977 by guitarist and vocalist Paul Samson. They are.. 
Senator Bobby (1 Albums - 27 Songs)
Senator Bobby was the recording sound recording and reproduction alias Pseudonym of Bill Minkin, a.. 

Sticky Fingaz (4 Albums - 27 Songs)
Kirk Jones (born November 3, 1970), also referred to as Sticky Fingaz or Sticky, is an American Uni.. 
Slapshock (5 Albums - 27 Songs)
Slapshock is a metal band from Manila, Philippines that was formed in 1996. They started as a NU met.. 
Satanic Surfers (5 Albums - 27 Songs)
Satanic Surfers were a Swedish Sweden Punk Rock/Melodic Hardcore band from Lund... 
Superjoint Ritual (2 Albums - 27 Songs)
Superjoint Ritual was an American heavy metal Heavy metal music band formed by Phil Anselmo, Joe Fa.. 
Stacie Orrico (3 Albums - 27 Songs)
Stacie Joy Orrico (born March 3, 1986) is an American United States pop pop music and R&B Contempo.. 
Senses Fail (6 Albums - 27 Songs)
Senses Fail is an American post-hardcore band from Ridgewood, New Jersey, formed in 2001... 
Soil (5 Albums - 27 Songs)
Soil, often typeset as SOiL, is an American alternative metal band that formed in Chicago, Illinois.. 
Sinergy (3 Albums - 27 Songs)
Sinergy is a Finnish Finns power metal band started in 1998 by American United States of America v.. 
Suicide Commando (10 Albums - 27 Songs)
Suicide Commando is a Belgian electro-industrial act created by Johan Van Roy in 1986... 
Shout Out Louds (4 Albums - 27 Songs)
Shout Out Louds are an indie rock band from Stockholm, Sweden... 
Skyfire (3 Albums - 27 Songs)
Skyfire is a melodic death metal band from Höör Höör Municipality , Sweden... 
Stormlord (3 Albums - 27 Songs)
Stormlord is an epic black metal (self-classified as "Extreme epic metal") band from Rome, Italy. Th.. 
Six Magics (2 Albums - 27 Songs)
Six magics is a Chilean metal group formed initially by Pablo Stagnaro, Erick Avila, Nicholas Espino.. 
Sam & Dave (1 Albums - 26 Songs)
Sam & Dave were an American soul and rhythm and blues (R&B) duo who performed together from 1961 thr.. 
Sir Mix-A-Lot (8 Albums - 26 Songs)
Anthony Ray (born August 12, 1963), better known by his stage name Sir Mix-a-Lot, is an emcee rappin.. 
Steven Curtis Chapman (10 Albums - 26 Songs)
Steven Curtis Chapman (born November 21, 1962 in Paducah, Kentucky, U.S. United States ) is a Contem.. 
Spinvis (2 Albums - 26 Songs)
Spinvis is a Dutch Netherlands one-man project centred around Erik de Jong (born 2 February, 1961,.. 
Solex (1 Albums - 26 Songs)
Solex was a French manufacturer of carburetors and the powered bicycle VéloSoleX. The Solex comp.. 
Sara Groves (3 Albums - 26 Songs)
Sara Groves (born Sara Lee Colbaugh, September 10, 1972 in Vineland, New Jersey, grew up in Springfi.. 
Stone Sour (7 Albums - 25 Songs)
Stone Sour is an American rock rock music band from Des Moines, Iowa... 
Sahara Hotnights (6 Albums - 25 Songs)
Sahara Hotnights is a rock band from Robertsfors Robertsfors Municipality , Sweden. Their style inco.. 
Sinclair (3 Albums - 25 Songs)
John Sinclair is a keyboardist who has played for bands such as The Babys, Heavy Metal Kids, Savoy B.. 
Septic Flesh (2 Albums - 25 Songs)
Septic Flesh is a gothic-influenced death metal band from Athens, Greece, which was founded in 1991... 
Sailor Moon (2 Albums - 25 Songs)
32 (1) 59-80 Other countries followed suit, including Australia, South Korea, the Philippines, Ita.. 



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