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Charlton Hill (2 Albums - 10 Songs)
Andrew Charlton James Hill better known as Charlton Hill (born 1975) is an Australian singer and son.. 
Chris Rice (6 Albums - 10 Songs)
Chris Rice is an American songwriter who works in the contemporary Christian music, contemporary fol.. 
Crush 40 (4 Albums - 10 Songs)
Crush 40, is an American-Japanese rock band that creates music for the Sega arcade racing game NASCA.. 
Call And Response (1 Albums - 10 Songs)
Call and response is a form of "spontaneous verbal and non-verbal interaction between speaker and li.. 

Clap Your Hands Say Yeah (1 Albums - 10 Songs)
Clap Your Hands Say Yeah (often abbreviated CYHSY) is an American United States indie rock group ba.. 
Cornerstone (2 Albums - 10 Songs)
Cornerstone is a hard rock band formed by former Rainbow Rainbow (band) vocalist Doogie White and f.. 
Cameo (4 Albums - 9 Songs)
{{Infobox musical artist | Name = The Cameo Blues Band | Img = | I.. 
Color Me Badd (5 Albums - 9 Songs)
Color Me Badd was an R&B vocal group that was formed in Oklahoma City Oklahoma City, Oklahoma , Okla.. 
Crucial Conflict (4 Albums - 9 Songs)
Crucial Conflict is a Chicago hip hop group best known for its 1996 single "Hay" (from the album The.. 
Charlie Gracie (1 Albums - 9 Songs)
Charlie Gracie (born Charles Anthony Graci, May 14, 1936, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania) is an American.. 
Cool Breeze (3 Albums - 9 Songs)
Cool Breeze is a 1st generation Dungeon Family artist, and creator of the hip hop term, and subseque.. 
Craig Mack (4 Albums - 9 Songs)
Craig Mack (born in Trenton, New Jersey, May 10, 1971) is American United States rapper gained a co.. 
Collage (7 Albums - 9 Songs)
Wood collage is a type that emerged somewhat later than paper collage. Kurt Schwitters began experim.. 

Chris LeDoux (5 Albums - 9 Songs)
Chris Lee LeDoux (October 2, 1948 / March 9, 2005) was an American United States country music sing.. 
Curve (6 Albums - 9 Songs)
Curve was an English England music group formed in 1990 chiefly around the collaboration of singer/.. 
Crush (3 Albums - 9 Songs)
Crush is a music band from Newfoundland Newfoundland and Labrador , Canada. Although all members are.. 
Cardboard (1 Albums - 9 Songs)
Cardboard is a generic term for heavy-duty paper-based products sometimes made by pasting together t.. 
Cryan' Shames (3 Albums - 9 Songs)
The Cryan' Shames are an American United States garage rock group from Hinsdale, Illinois. They ori.. 
Cartel De Santa (3 Albums - 9 Songs)
Cartel de Santa is a Mexican band from the "barrio de la Aurora", Santa Catarina Santa Catarina, Nue.. 
Charta 77 (7 Albums - 9 Songs)
Charta 77 (named after Charter 77) is a Swedish punk-band formed in 1983 in the Swedish town Köpi.. 
Cancer (1 Albums - 9 Songs)
Cancer was a British United Kingdom death death metal / thrash metal band formed in Ironbridge, Te.. 
Cardinal Sin (1 Albums - 9 Songs)
Cardinal Sin is a death death metal /black metal band formed by John Zwetsloot when he left Dissecti.. 
Cadacross (1 Albums - 9 Songs)
Cadacross was a Finnish Finland heavy metal Heavy metal music band formed in 1997. They went throu.. 
Cool Kids Of Death (2 Albums - 9 Songs)
Cool Kids of Death is a Polish alternative rock band. It was formed in Łódź in 2001. Their.. 
Carter The Unstoppable *** Machine (1 Albums - 9 Songs)
Carter the Unstoppable *** Machine (frequently shortened to Carter USM) were a British indie rock ba.. 
Cheek (2 Albums - 9 Songs)
Cheeks ( ) constitute the area of the face below the eyes and between the nose and the left or right.. 
Carlos Gardel (1 Albums - 9 Songs)
Carlos Gardel (11 December 1887/18901 Carlos Gardel#Birthplace controversy > - 24 June 1935) is perh.. 
Cross (1 Albums - 9 Songs)
Cross Country is a band formed in 1973 by three fourths of the musical group The Tokens- Jay Siegel,.. 
Czeslaw Spiewa (1 Albums - 9 Songs)
Czesław Śpiewa (Translation: Czesław Sings, born Czesław Mozil on April 12, 1979 in Zabr.. 



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