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Viikate (Scythe) is a Finnish Finland metal Heavy metal music band from Kouvola, formed in 1996. The band is known for its melancholic lyrics, drawing inspiration from Finnish romance movies of the 1950s and Finnish singers of the era, including Reino Helismaa. Their style has been variously described as "Helismaa Reino Helismaa -metal," "wire Rautalanka metal," and "death schlagers." The band began with Kaarle and Simeoni Viikate who remained the only members of the band until 2001, when Arvo and Ervo joined. The band's most well-known hits are Ei ole ketään kelle soittaa (There's no one to call), Leimu (Flame), and Pohjoista Viljaa (Northern Crops).

Kaarle and Simeoni got the idea of starting the band when watching Lyijykomppania's last concert.

* Kaarle Viikate (Kalle Virtanen) — vocals Singing , guitar
* Simeoni Viikate (Simo Kairistola) — drums Drum kit
* Arvo Viikate (Ari Taiminen) — guitar, vocals Singing
* Ervo Viikate (Erkka Koskinen) — bass bass guitar , vocals Singing

* Noutajan valssi (transl. 'The Reaper's Waltz')> (2000)
* Vuoden synkin juhla (transl. 'The Grimmest Jubilee of the Year')>(2001)
* Kaajärven rannat (transl. 'Shores of Lake Kaajärvi')> (2002)
* Surut pois ja kukka rintaan (transl. 'Sorrows begone and put a Flower on the Chest')>(2003)
* Unholan urut (transl. 'The Organs of Oblivion')> (2005)
* Marraskuun lauluja I (transl. 'Songs of November I')>(2007)
* Marraskuun lauluja II (transl. 'Songs of November II')> (2007)
* Kuu kaakon yllä (transl. 'The Moon Above Southeast')> (2009)


* Kuutamourakat (2004) (Contains all the EPs made with Longplay Music from 1998-1999 and the singles Odotus, Piinaava hiljaisuus and Iltatähden rusko.)
* Parrun pätkiä (2006) (Contains all the EPs made with Spinefarm Records from 2000-2004.)
* Marraskuun singlet (2008)


* Vaiennut soitto (transl. 'Ceased Playing')> (1998)
* Roudasta Rospuuttoon (transl. 'From Frost to Rasputitsa')> (1999)
* Alakulotettuja tunnelmia (transl. 'Depressied Feelings')> (2000)
* Valkea ja kuulas (transl. 'White and Translucent')> (2001)
* Kevyesti keskellä päivää (transl. 'Lightly Amidst the Day')> (2002)
* Iltatähden rusko (transl. 'Afterglow of the Evening Star')> (2003)
* Kuolleen miehen kupletti (transl. 'Dead Man's Couplet')> (2004)
* Kesävainaja (transl. 'Summerdecedent')> (2009)
* Linna Espanjassa (transl. 'A Castle in Spain')> (2010)


* Odotus (transl. 'The Wait')> (2001)
* Piinaava hiljaisuus (transl. 'The Agonizing Silence')> (1997, 2002) (record / remastered)
* Ei ole ketään kelle soittaa (transl. 'There's No One to Call')> (2002)
* Nuori mies nimetön (transl. 'A Nameless Young Man')> (2002)
* Kaunis kotkan käsi (transl. 'The Beautiful Hand of the Eagle')> (2003)
* Leimu (transl. 'Flame')> (2003)
* Pohjoista viljaa (transl. 'Northern Crops')> (2005)
* Tie (transl. 'The Road')> (2005)
* Vesi jota pelkäät (transl. 'The Water You're Afraid Of')> (2005)
* Ah, ahtaita aikoja (transl. 'Ah, Harsh Times')>(2006)
* Ei enkeleitä (transl. 'No Angels')> (2007)
* Me olemme myöhäiset (transl. 'We Are the Late Ones')> (2007)
* Orret (transl. 'The Roosts')> (2007)
* Viina, terva ja hauta (transl. 'Viina, Tar and the Grave')> (2009)

Music videos

* "Hanget" (1999)
* "Kylymä" (1999)
* "Alakulotettuja tunnelmia" (2000)
* "Korutonta" (2000)
* "Viattomien lasten päivä" (2001)
* "Nuori mies nimetön" (2002)
* "Leimu" (2003)
* "Tie" (2004)
* "Ah ahtaita aikoja" (2006)
* "Me olemme myöhäiset" (2007)
* "Viina, terva & hauta" (2009)


* Leimu DVD-single (2003)
* V-DVD 1: Videogaala (2008)

In addition to CDs, Viikate has also released some of their albums on vinyl records and cassettes. There has always been one extra track on the records and cassettes that is not on the CDs, except on the Christmas album Vuoden synkin juhla.


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