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Vertical Horizon is an American rock Rock music band from Washington, D.C., United States, famous for the late '90s/early '00s hits "You're a God" and "Everything You Want Everything You Want (Vertical Horizon song) ". Their most current release, Burning the Days, was released in late 2009. "Save Me From Myself” is the first single.

Vertical Horizon was formed in 1991, by Georgetown University undergrads Matthew Scannell and Keith Kane; after graduation in 1992 the duo relocated to Boston and self-released their debut album There and Back Again There and Back Again (album) . Recorded in Matt's old high school (Deerfield Academy) over a period of a few weeks, Matt and Keith played all the instruments on the album, and split songwriting and lead vocal duties.

Matt and Keith toured as a duo for the next few years, mostly appearing with similar bands such as Jackopierce. Ready to record again, 1995's Running on Ice (produced by John Alagia and Doug Derryberry, along with Scannell) showed significant growth in the duo's songwriting. Though still acoustic based, ROI incorporated other musicians for more of a full band sound. Guests included Derryberry, Jackopierce, and Carter Beauford (of the Dave Matthews Band) on drums Drum kit . Two songs (Kane's "Wash Away" and Scannell's "The Man Who Would Be Santa") were featured on the 2nd Aware Records Compilation.

More touring followed through 1996 as VH became a four piece band, joined by Ed Toth on drums Drum kit . A live album, Live Stages, was released in early 1997 and featured four new songs and more of an emphasis on electric guitar. By this time, the band was explicit in their intent to find a major record label; band members have said that it was no accident that the first track of Live Stages opens with the sounds of a large cheering audience. Their wishes came true, and the band was signed to Sony BMG Music Entertainment/RCA Records RCA .
In 1998, Matt and Keith held auditions for a permanent bassist. Sean Hurley, a student at the Berklee School of Music, impressed all and was officially invited to join Vertical Horizon.The band's first effort with RCA was 1999's Everything You Want Everything You Want (Vertical Horizon album) (with producers Ben Grosse, Mark Endert, and David Bendeth (Paramore, Your Vegas) RCA also re-released the band's back catalog (originally released on Jackopierce's Rhythmic Records) with new packaging. The first single, "We Are", made little impact. The second single, "Everything You Want Everything You Want (song) ", skyrocketed to the top of the charts, and became the 34th most played song on the radio in 2000.After some delays, it was announced that the new album, Go Go (Vertical Horizon album) , would be released in September 2002. Go was released while RCA was going through a major restructuring and as a result, the album received little support from the label. The album's first single, "I'm Still Here", did moderately well, but when it failed to match the po***rity of "Everything You Want", RCA did little to promote the album and as such, no videos were produced and the label didn't back the album's supporting tour. Scannell was upset that RCA didn't support the album, saying "Without the label behind us, it just floundered and sort of withered on the vine, which is just a heartbreaker."

Eventually the band went on a short tour in early 2003, and it was announced that Go (produced by John Shanks) would finally be released a year late, in September 2003. A larger tour started in August, leading up to the release of the album.

In the middle of 2004, the band ended their relationship with RCA. A new deal with Hybrid Recordings was inked in early 2005, with plans to re-release Go Go (Vertical Horizon album) in the summer, including an additional song, "Better When You're Not There", which was not present on the original RCA release. The song "Forever" was sent to radio ahead of the release, re-igniting interest for the album and indeed the band at numerous radio stations, and amongst fans old and new alike.

In 2005, various drummers began playing with Matt, Keith and Sean. They have included Blair Sinta, Ron LaVella, Craig McIntyre, and Jason support of 2009's Burning the Days.
Burning the Days was released on September 22, 2009, and is the group's first release after a five year hiatus. Singer/songwriter Matt Scannell has said that Burning the Days marks a shift in his songwriting, both musically and lyrically. According to Scannell, "There is a lot more variety and quite a few different artistic moods on this record - almost different sonic landscapes... a lot of these songs feel like a faster tempo than anything we’ve ever done before." Scannell asked Peart if he would be interested in playing drums on the song, and Peart responded, "No one else can play drums on it — I won’t let anyone else play drums on it. I have to play the drums on it."

On June 23, 2008, during a Duo Duo (album) concert in Lincolnshire, Illinois, Scannell debuted a new song called "Save Me From Myself" off the upcoming album. Also, on June 26, 2008, in Downers Grove, Illinois, Vertical Horizon debuted another new song called "All is Said and Done" off the upcoming album. The song was added to the playlist on the band's myspace page on October 20, 2008.*Matt Scannell (lead vocals lead singer , lead guitar) 1990 - Present
*Keith Kane (guitar, vocals backing vocals ) 1990 - Present
*Jason Sutter (drums) 2009-Present
*Corey McCormick (bass guitar), (backing vocals) 2009-Present*Ed Toth (drums Drum kit , percussion percussion instrument ) 1996 - 2005
*Sean Hurley (bass guitar, vocals backing vocals ) 1998 - 2009

*A Album was re-released in 2005 as Go 2.0.

Several Vertical Horizon songs have been featured on the soundtracks of po***r television shows. The song "Everything You Want Everything You Want (song) " was played on the WB drama Roswell Roswell (TV series) , "Finding Me" appeared on Buffy the Vampire Slayer Buffy the Vampire Slayer (TV series) 's fifth season premiere, and "Echo" was played on The WB The WB Television Network 's One Tree Hill One Tree Hill (TV series) . "Goodbye Again" was played on The WB The WB Television Network drama Smallville Smallville (TV series) while "You're a God" and "Give You Back" were both played in the pilot episode of Alias Alias (TV series) .

In 2002 a holiday album was released entitled: Sounds of the Season 2002. Vertical Horizon's version of "I Believe In Father Christmas" was included in the "various artists" album and was recorded at Jim Henson Studios in Los Angeles.

"You're a God" also appeared in Bruce Almighty. "Give You Back" was played in the 2001 Sylvester Stallone auto racing movie, Driven. An instrumental version of "Everything You Want Everything You Want (song) " was featured in the intro of the women's suffrage movie Iron Jawed Angels. A re-recored version of their 1995 song "Heart In Hand" was used in the soundtrack to the movie The New Guy.

Several Vertical Horizon songs (including "Send it Up") were used by the radio comedy duo Scharpling and Wurster in a live 2002 comedy sketch on WFMU, as examples of songs written by "Cory Harris", the leader of a fictional, archetypically major-label alt-rock band called "Mother 13". The Vertical Horizon songs were later replaced for the commercial release of the sketch on New Hope for the Ape Eared on Stereolaffs records.

The song "Underwater" was also featured a couple of times on General Hospital in May 2007 as Elizabeth Webber was giving birth to her baby Jake, as the baby's father Jason looked on nervously.


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