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Luis Miguel Gallego Basteri, known as Luis Miguel, (born April 19, 1970) is a Mexican Mexico singer. He is best known for his gifted vocals, and for being one of the most po***r singers from Latin America, having performed successfully pop music, bolero, mariachi and romantic ballads. Luis Miguel superstardom began since the 1980s.
He has won four Latin Grammy Awards and five Grammy Awards. He is called "El Sol de México" ("The Sun of Mexico") by the media and his fans.

Luis Miguel was born in Puerto Rico during a brief stay of his parents. He is the son of the late Spanish Spain singer Luisito Rey (born 1945, Cadiz, Spain) and Italian Italian people actress Marcela Basteri. His mother disappeared mysteriously when he was a teenager and his father died in 1992. During his child years, Luis Miguel's father, who was also his manager, encouraged him to watch and analyze nearly every movie, recording, and concert performance of Elvis Presley.In 1981, at the age of 11, Luis Miguel released his first album, Un Sol, by the Mexican branch of EMI Records. Two years later, he started touring Latin American countries including Colombia, Venezuela, Chile and Argentina.

In 1985, at age of 15, he took part at the Sanremo Music Festival, where he won the second place award with his song "Noi Ragazzi Di Oggi".

In 1991, Luis Miguel's career went to even greater heights and earned him the respect of a wider audience with the release of Romance Romance (Luis Miguel album) , an album of romantic boleros, most of them from the 40's and 50's. Despite singing boleros from years past, Luis Miguel was recognized for reinventing the bolero for modern audiences. The album Romance, which became his most successful material ever eventually sold 15 million units worldwide.

In 1996, Luis became one of the few Latin artist to receive a star in the Hollywood Walk of Fame. The album released two singles "Santa Claus Llegó A La Ciudad" ("Santa Claus Is Coming to Town"), and "Mi Humilde Oración" ("My Grown-up Christmas List").

On May 6, 2008, Luis Miguel released Cómplices, produced by him and written by Spanish composer Manuel Alejandro. It sold almost 350,000 copies in the first 24 hours. The first single, "Si Tú Te Atreves" was released on April 7, 2008, the second single of the album was "Te Desean". His Complices Tour began in Seattle, Washington on September 3, 2008.He rarely gives interviews and rarely attends award ceremonies. He prefers to keep his personal life private, so he has become the most wanted singer by the Latin American and Spanish Spain press. He is always escorted by a tight security team and he is transported in several trucks to distract paparazzis and reporters.
Miguel has been described as the "Latin Frank Sinatra".* In 1984, received a 'Grammy Award' for being the Best Mexican American for his duet "Me Gustas Tal Como Eres" (I Like You Just The Way You Are) with Sheena Easton.
* In 1985, Luis Miguel won 'Antorcha de Plata' at the "Festival de la Cancion de Viña del Mar for his duet "Me Gustas Tal Como Eres" (I Like You Just The Way You Are) with Sheena Easton .
* In 1985, wins the second place at the Sanremo Music Festival in Italy with the song "Noi Ragazzi di Oggi".
* In 1990, won two more 'Antorcha de Plata' at the "Festival de la Cancion de Viña del Mar..
* In 1992, he received 'European Excellence' prize in Spain.
* In 1991, Luis Miguel was recognized at 'South Korea International Music Award' as the best abroad for his album "Romance" for Romance Romance (Luis Miguel album) .
* In 1991, received recognition by RIAA for selling 2 millions copies of Romance and Segundo Romance.
* In 1992, received a 'Billboard Awards' for the Best Latin Artist, for the Best Spanish-language Album (for his album Romance) and Best Singer in Spanish.
* In 1993, received a 'Billboard Awards' for Best Latin Male Artist of the Year, Best Spanish-Language Album of the Year Aries.
* In 1993, received a 'Grammy Award' for the Best Latin Pop Album Aries.
* In 1994, received a 'Grammy Award' for being the Best Latin Male singer with his album Segundo Romance.
* In 1994, he was invited to record a special-edition duet of "Come Fly With Me" with Frank Sinatra for his album Duets II.
* In 1995, became the single Latin artist to perform at the show SINATRA: 80 Years My Way along with other pop icons such as Bruce Springsteen, Natalie Cole and Bob Dylan.
* In 1996, became the first Latin artist to receive a star in the Hollywood Walk of Fame.
* In 1996, he recorded the song "Sueña" (Spanish version of "Someday") for the Disney movie The Hunchback of Notre Dame The Hunchback of Notre Dame (1996 film) .
* In 1997, Pollstar Magazine recognized Luis Miguel as the first Latin artist to enter the list of All-Time Top-20 grossing artists who have sold as many records in a single location in the history of music.
* In 1997, the album Romances became the first Spanish-language album ever debuting at #14 on the Billboard Top 200.

* In 1997, Luis Miguel received a 'Grammy Award' for being the Best Latin Pop Artist of the Year with his album Romances .
* In 2000, received a 'Latin Grammy Award' for Best Album of the Year and Best Pop Album of the Year on his Amarte es un Placer.
* In 2000, received a 'Latin Grammy Award' for Best Pop Album
* In 2000, received a 'Latin Grammy Award' for being the Best Pop Male Artist
* In 2001, he received a 'Billboard Award' for Best Male Pop Vocal Performance which included a collaboration with Michael Jackson in the Spanish version of "What More Can I Give" entitled "Todo Para Ti" dedicated to the victims of September 11, 2001 attacks in New York.
* In 2002 received the 'Premio Luna de Mexico' (Moon of Mexico Award) for being the artist with the best artistic career (at that time of 20 years).
* In 2003, Warner Music recognized him as the best-selling artist in the history of Chile with over 2.5 million records sold.
* The 33 Tour peaked at #1 in the 'Billboard World Top Boxscore'.
* In 2005, received a 'Latin Grammy Award' for Best Ranchero Album México En La Piel.
* In 2005, received a 'Grammy Awards' for Best Mexican Album Mexico En La Piel.
* In 2005, followed by the En La Piel Tour in Mexico, Luis Miguel gave 6 consecutive sold-out concerts in the Gibson Universal Amphitheater in Los Angeles, CA.
* The Mexico En La Piel Tour peak #1 in the 'Billboard World Top Boxscore'.
* In 2005, Luis Miguel became the first Latin artist to receive a star on the streets of Las Vega Star.
* In 2006, he won 'Estela de Plata' for his tour in Mexico for giving 30 concerts at Auditorio Nacional, which, all in all gathered around 300,000 spectators.
* In 2008, Luis Miguel's album Navidades became the first Christmas album ever being nominated in the Grammy in the category of Pop .
* In 2008, the online store announced that the album Complices had peaked number 1 in the list best-selling albums in the website two weeks before the release of the album.
* Cómplices broke records in Mexico, by selling over 320,000 copies in its first day of release .*2009: 'No Culpes a La Noche'
*2009: 'Cómplices: Edición Especial Cómplices '
*2008: 'Cómplices'
*2006: 'Navidades'
*2005: 'Grandes Éxitos Grandes Éxitos (Luis Miguel album) '
*2005: 'Mexico En La Piel: Edición Diamante Mexico En La Piel '
*2004: 'Mexico En La Piel'
*2003: '33 33 (Luis Miguel album) '
*2002: 'Mis Boleros Favoritos'
*2001: 'Mis Romances'
*2000: 'Vivo Vivo (Luis Miguel album) '
*1999: 'Amarte Es Un Placer'
*1998: 'Todos Los Romances'
*1997: 'Romances'
*1996: 'Nada Es Igual Nada Es Igual (Luis Miguel album) '
*1995: 'El Concierto'
*1994: 'Segundo Romance'
*1993: 'Aries Aries (album) '
*1992: 'América & En Vivo'
*1991: 'Romance Romance (Luis Miguel album) '
*1990: '20 Años'
*1988: 'Busca Una Mujer'
*1987: 'Soy Como Quiero Ser'
*1986: 'Tambien es Rock'
*1986: 'Canta In Italiano Amándote A La Italiana '
*1985: 'Fiebre De Amor Fiebre de Amor (album) '
*1984: 'Meu Sonho Perdido'
*1984: 'Palabra De Honor'
*1984: 'Ya Nunca Más'
*1983: 'Decídete'
*1982: 'Directo Al Corazón'
*1982: 'Un Sol'


*2005: 'Grandes Exitos Videos Grandes Exitos (Luis Miguel) '
*2005: 'Mexico En La Piel: Edición Diamante Mexico En La Piel '
*2002: 'Mis Boleros Favoritos'
*2001: 'Romances (DVD Audio) Romances '
*2000: 'Vivo Vivo (Luis Miguel album) '
*1996: 'Los Videos'
*1995: 'El Concierto'
*1992: 'Romance: En Vivo'
*1991: 'Luis Miguel: 20 Años'
*1989: 'Un Año De Conciertos'

Billboard #1 Hot Latin Tracks

* 1987: "Ahora Te Puedes Marchar" (Soy Como Quiero Ser)
* 1989: "La Incondicional" (Busca Una Mujer)
* 1989: "Fría Como El Viento" (Busca Una Mujer)
* 1990: "Tengo Todo Excepto A Ti" (20 Años)
* 1990: "Entrégate" (20 Años)
* 1991: "No Sé Tú" (Romance Romance (Luis Miguel album) )
* 1992: "Inolvidable" (Romance Romance (Luis Miguel album) )
* 1993: "Ayer" (Aries Aries (album) )
* 1993: "Hasta Que Me Olvides" (Aries Aries (album) )
* 1994: "El Día Que Me Quieras" (Segundo Romance)
* 1994: "La Media Vuelta" (Segundo Romance)
* 1995: "Si Nos Dejan" (El Concierto)
* 1997: "Por Debajo De La Mesa" (Romances)
* 1999: "O Tú, O Ninguna" (Amarte Es Un Placer)
* 2002: "Cómo Duele" (Mis Romances)
* 2003: "Te Necesito" (33 33 (Luis Miguel album) )* 'Soy Como Quiero Ser:' 5 Platinum Discs, 8 Gold Discs
* 'Romance:' 70 Platinum Discs, 3 Gold Discs
* 'Aries:' 40 Platinum Discs 6 Gold Discs
* 'Segundo Romance:' 50 Platinum Discs
* 'Nada Es Igual:' 30 Platinum Discs
* 'Romances:' 50 Platinum Discs
* 'Amarte Es Un Placer:' 4 Platinum Discs, 4 Gold Discs
* 'Mis Romances:' 8 Platinum Discs, 3 Gold Discs
* '33:' 11 Platinum Discs, 2 Gold Discs
* 'México En La Piel:' 1 Diamond Disc, 11 Platinum Discs, 1 Gold Disc
* 'Grandes Exitos:' 5 Platinum Discs, 3 Gold Discs
* 'Grandes Exitos Videos:' 1 Platinum Discs, 1 Gold Disc
* 'Navidades Luis Miguel:' 1 Diamond Discs, 10 Platinum Discs, 2 Gold Disc.
* 'Cómplices:' 1 Diamond Disc, 9 Platinum Discs, 1 Gold Disc

'Total career: 3 Diamond Discs, 304 Platinum Discs, 34 Gold Discs*'(1990-1991)' Gira 20 Años
*'(1991-1992)' Gira Romance Romance: En Vivo
*'(1993-1994)' Gira Aries
*'(1994-1995)' Gira Segundo Romance El Concierto
*'(1996)' Tour America Tour America 1996
*'(1997-1998)' Romances Tour
*'(1999-2000)' Amarte Es Un Placer Tour
*'(2002)' Mis Romances Tour
*'(2003-2004)' 33 Tour
*'(2005-2007)' Mexico En La Piel Tour
*'(2008-2009)' Complices Tour


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