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Funker Vogt is a German German people EBM project with more aggressive style, formed by vocalist Jens Kästel and programmer Gerrit Thomas in 1995. Other members of the band are keyboardist/manager Bjorn Bottcher, live guitarist Frank Schweigert and lyricist Kai Schmidt. It was named after a radio-operator friend. (the name of the band translates from German German language to English English language as Signaller Signaller Vogt. 'Vogt' is a German family name. 'Funker' is a German military rank ).

The group appeared on several German compilations and, in 1996, released their debut album Thanks for Nothing. Following the release of two limited edition EPs (Words of Power and Take Care), Funker Vogt signed with Metropolis Records, USA. Metropolis re-released Thanks for Nothing, followed by the We Came to Kill in late 1997. They all hail from the town of Hameln in Germany. The majority of their lyrics revolve around the concepts of war.

A distinctive theme is present in the band's work and stage presence; both their musicianship and their costuming are strongly reminiscent of military music and dress. This military aesthetic is also po***r with the band's fanbase. However, the political stance of Funker Vogt is decidedly anti-war; the band cites "war and social injustice" as their primary topics of discussion, noting that the goal of the album Execution Tracks, along with the accompanying video, was to "present the grotesque cruelties and the tragedy of war."
Studio albums

*Thanks for Nothing (1996)
*We Came to Kill (1997)
*Killing Time Again (1998) (part new material, part remixes)
*Execution Tracks (1998)
*Maschine Zeit (2000)
*T T (Funker Vogt album) (2000/2001) (contains 4 new tracks and 10 remixes)
*Survivor Survivor (Funker Vogt album) (2002)
*Revivor (2003) (remix album)
*Navigator Navigator (album) (2005)
*Aviator Aviator (Funker Vogt album) (2007)

Live albums

*Warzone K17 (2009) (22 hits from the past 12 years)


*Words of Power (1997)
*Take Care Take Care (single) (1997)
*Tragic Hero Tragic Hero (music) (1998)
*Gunman Gunman (single) (2000)
*Subspace Subspace (single) (2001)
*Date of Expiration (2002)
*Red Queen Red Queen (single) (2003)
*Fallen Hero Fallen Hero (single) (2005)
*White Trash White Trash (single) (2008)


*Velvet Acid Christ Vs Funker Vogt: The Remix Wars - Strike 4 Velvet Acid Christ Vs Funker Vogt: The Remix Assault (1999)
*Code 7477 (2001)


*Always and Forever Volume 1 (2004)
*Always and Forever Volume 2 (2006)* Ravenous Ravenous (band)
* Fictional Fictional (band)
* Fusspils 11
* Z.E.T.A. X


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